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Category: Small Business Loans

The E-Community loan program is an entrepreneurial focused loan that is structured to help even the smallest start up or expanding company.  The Montgomery County E-Community Program provides these loans,. This program embraces the entrepreneurial mindset, and its terms reflect this organizations understanding of the demands an new business experiences when getting financing. Loans are for up to $75,000 for 7 to 10 year terms.  Typical interest rates are around 2.75% but are typically set at 1.5 points below the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate.  However, for special projects needing additional funding, additional funds may be available to stack with these loans. This program is solely gap financing, and can ONLY cover 60% of the total project costs.  The project must receive the remaining 40% of the funding from either conventional financing or one of the public loans listed above.

To apply for this program, contact Jim Correll at the Independence Community College FabLab, who is the president of the Innovative Business Resource Center at (620) 252-5439 or jcorrell@indycc.edu.  You can also use any applications that you use with your convential lender to substitute for these forms if they have the same information on them. We work hard to streamline your process as you open your new venture.