Kansas COVID-19 Resources


Human Resources/Unemployment Information

To ensure that all employees receive unemployment as fast as possible due to the large number of new unemployement claims, please use the form below for ANY LAYOFFS.  

 Mass Layoff Spreadsheet


Shared Work Program:

A program where an employer reduces staff hours, and KDOL shares in the cost of payroll, by covering a portion of the payroll, thus keeping the employee paid at a full time rate during the crisis event. SHARED WORK PROGRAM INFORMATION

Unemployment Information: Click here for more information on the
KS Department of Labor
Response to COVID-19

Kansas Essential Functions

The State of Kansas has established guidelines for determining which businesses provide functions considered “essential”. This determination is based upon the Kansas Essential Functions Framework (KEFF). For the safety of your employees and the public, it is critical that as many individuals as possible remain at home.

Kansas Essential Function Framework