MCAC moves forward on Strategic Plan

Friday, January 18, 2019

Montgomery County Action Council (MCAC) has hired Ady Advantage to prepare a Strategic Economic Development plan for Montgomery County.  In the fall of 2018, MCAC was successfully awarded a USDA grant that enabled the organization to begin the project of developing a strategic plan and hire Ady Advantage.  On January 22 and 23, consultants from Ady Advantage will visit Montgomery County and conduct a series of interviews with local employers and stakeholders.  

The intention of the project is to help establish:

1.  How should Montgomery County grow?

2.  How does the County sustain growth?

3.  What strategy for growth should the county implement to realize other opportunities for economic growth?

Ady Advantage is skilled at assessing a county for their assets and attributes and then helping establish a strategy to target specific industries for growth. The on-site visit analysis will provide an opportunity to capture stakeholder input and develop focused analyses of existing and potential assets including existing and potential ecosystems.

Given the economic climate of Montgomery County during 2018, the MCAC leadership thought it was important to develop a strategic plan for growth.   

“With a vacant Amazon and Southwire buildings both on the market and the conversation of expanding poultry to our county, we needed a strategic plan for growth,” said Executive Director Trisha Purdon.

Ady Advantage will take a hard look at our current vacant industrial buildings and our industrial sites in all four communities.  They will assess how market-ready they are and help us determine what industries might fit best.  This will allow MCAC to target industries more specifically and look hard at a marketing strategy that would focus on those industries.

“We look forward to working with Ady Advantage and taking stock of their vast knowledge and experience in this industry,” said Purdon.  We are confident that they will help us formulate a strong economic development plant that allows Montgomery County to grow in the future.”

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