SEK Day on the Hill Summary

SEK Day on the Hill Summary Main Photo

28 Feb 2019

In January, MCAC helped to organize the annual SEK Day on the Hill at the Kansas Capitol. SEK Day on the Hill is an annual opportunity for all of Southeast Kansas to learn more about issues and policies that could affect the region. It is also an opportunity to join together as one organization representing over 200,000 Kansas residents in speaking with our elected and appointed officials. Joining us were Manufacturers, Educators, Bankers, Economic Developers, Tourism Directors, Chambers of Commerce, Municipalities, and retailers from across the region.

We were honored to have Lieutenant Governor Lynn Rogers speak to our group on the efforts of Rural Revitalization and the exciting new initiatives that are being introduced to aid rural communities across the State. The new Secretary of Commerce, David Toland spoke on the efforts to make Kansas more competitive in economic development, including business retention, recruitment, housing, and entrepreneurship efforts. State Treasurer Jake LaTurner discussed exciting new changes in the State Treasury Department that should funnel more money back to Kansas citizens.

Representative Richard Proehl discussed the Joint Legislative Transportation Task Force and its official report that was issued at the beginning of this legislative session. He let us all know that the task force concluded that all delayed T-Works projects from the previous plan should be completed before new projects identified in this new plan would be started. This is excellent news for both US 169 and 75 highways that run through Montgomery County as they were identified in the previous T-Works project list.

SEK Representatives and Senators spoke about the changes that they are already seeing this year. We are lucky in SEK to have so many veteran Legislators and to have several of them serving in Committee Chair positions. We have a strong voice in Topeka, but when we join together with so many, SEK can be one of the strongest regions in Kansas. We were honored to take part in this exciting day!