Where to Hunt in Montgomery County This Hunting Season

Where to Hunt in Montgomery County This Hunting Season Main Photo

27 Nov 2019

Hunting season is in full swing here in Montgomery, Kansas and all game hunters are welcome! We have several places here in Montgomery County where hunters can hunt whitetail deer, duck, elk, rabbit, turkey, quail, pheasant and more! Check out all of the hunting areas our county has to offer during this year’s hunting season.

Flint Oak Hunting Resort is located in the upper northwest corner of Montgomery County. This resort, which started in 1978 has since grown to become known as "America's Premier Hunting Resort." They are known for their European style pheasant hunting shoots, deer, duck, and wild turkey hunting. They offer field hunting trips where hunters can go out with trained guides and trained dogs to hunt quail, pheasant, and chukar. After building four new twenty-eight-foot pit blinds on West Lake, duck hunting has become very popular at Flint Oak Resort. Hunters who have the opportunity to experience Flint Oak also have the option of lodging at the resort for the duration of their hunting experience. Click here to learn more about hunting at Flint Oak Hunting Resort.

The Copan Wildlife Area is located in the southwestern corner of Montgomery County, located just a half a mile west of Caney, Kansas, which provides hunters with 2,360 acres of diverse hunting habitat. Located around the Little Caney River, Copan Wildlife Area is home to many diverse wildlife species. Hunters this time of year can enjoy the opportunities the diverse habitat creates for the type of game they can hunt. Copan Wildlife Area is home to woodlands, native grass, cropland, and several waterfowl marshes. This wildlife area is home to white-tailed deer, turkey, squirrels, bobcat quail, waterfowl, and rabbits. Five waterfowl marshes were constructed to attract migrating waterfowl to the Little Caney River. Deepwater does make chest waders necessary for hunters hunting waterfowl in this area. The woodlands in this area provide an excellent environment for hunting white-tail deer. Click here to learn more about hunting at the Copan Wildlife Area

Buffalo Ranch is a wildlife area located just five miles from Havana in the Chautauqua Hills Region of Montgomery County. This scenic rolling hills area is home to native grasses, oak trees, and several ponds. Buffalo Ranch is comprised of 1360 acres and home to diverse plant and animal life. Hunters hunting in the Buffalo Ranch area have the opportunity to hunt quail, deer, turkey, squirrel, and rabbit. Trapping is permitted in this area and .22’s are allowed only during trapping activities. Please be advised, hunting at Buffalo ranch is restricted to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays only. Hunters are allowed to use legal archery equipment or shotguns with slugs or pellets only. No muzzleloaders, centerfire rifles, or .22’s are allowed for hunting. Click here to learn more about hunting at Buffalo Ranch

The Elk City Wildfire dam area is located 5 miles northwest of Independence, Kansas, in the Elk City Reservoir area. This diverse area consists of 12,500 acres of land that is meant to be used for fishing and hunting.4,440 acres are set aside in the reservoir for fishing, waterfowl hunting, and boating. This area and its habitat provide a diverse variety of wildlife. Native grasses interspersed with woodlands and riparian corridors, cropland, and scattered wetlands give hunters the perfect opportunity to hunt whitetail deer, turkey, bobwhites, rabbits, foxes, and gray squirrel. Hunters are allowed to bring two tree stands or portable blinds but are required to remove them daily. Click here to learn more about hunting at Elk City Wildlife Area

Duck Creek is located just a few miles north of Elk City, Kansas. The creek is a tributary of Elk River. This area has 100 acres of riparian along each side of the creek. The habitat also includes several different types of native grasses, trees, and a small marsh. Hunters can have the opportunity to hunt whitetail deer, turkey, and upland and small game when hunting at Duck Creek. Click here to learn more about hunting at Duck Creek.

Dove hunters are encouraged to visit Dove Flats Wildlife Area, located just outside of Elk City, Kansas. This wildlife area spans 206 acres of property. The habitat includes native grasses, cropland, and other grassland species. Only dove hunting is permitted in this area. Click here to learn more about hunting at Dove Flats Wildlife Area.

Montgomery County welcomes hunters from near and far and we hope you enjoy our scenic wildlife areas while on the hunt.

For more information on licenses and permits to hunt in Montgomery County, Kansas, click here.