Home Manufacturer to Locate in Coffeyville, Kansas and Create Over 100 Jobs

2 Mar 2020



Prosperiti Partners, LLC, based in Springfield, Missouri, has announced plans to acquire the 400,000 plus square foot former Southwire Manufacturing building, and establish a state-of-the-art production facility in the Coffeyville Industrial Park.    

The proposed production facility is slated to serve as the future home for Prosperiti Builders, LLC, and plans call for production of a variety of residential modular housing solutions including single-family and multi-family dwellings. This facility will use semi-automated process equipment and lean manufacturing principles to build and assemble volumetric modular units with a focus on addressing the significant housing challenges facing communities throughout the country.

Prosperiti plans to begin renovating the currently vacant production facility and installing equipment between early April and the 4th quarter, 2020, with an estimated total capital investment of nearly $20-million dollars.

“The State of Kansas, Montgomery County, the City of Coffeyville and Montgomery County Action Council have worked closely, and very professionally with us to explore all aspects of locating in Coffeyville,” said Titus Williams, CEO, Prosperiti Partners. “We are excited about partnering with this great team and producing a high-quality product with a high-quality workforce,” said Williams.

The Prosperiti Builders production facility will utilize the latest in modular construction technologies and manufacturing systems to produce modules within the facility. These modules are then delivered to housing development construction sites, set in place, and prepared for final finishing.

“Building offsite ensures better construction and quality management since the plant will have stringent quality assurance programs with independent inspection and testing protocols in place, “said Javier Garcia, Director of Manufacturing for Prosperiti Builders. “This will promote superior quality of construction every step of the way and, in a more sustainable manner,” said Garcia.

With the advantage of working in a controlled environment at a facility, many significant benefits are gained, including less material waste, an overall reduced construction/development time, and a high- level quality-controlled construction process. Waste will be eliminated by recycling materials, controlling inventory, and protecting building materials from theft, damage and weather. Projects can be completed up to 50% sooner than traditional on-site construction because construction and site prep can occur simultaneously.

“Manufacturing has always been a strength of the Kansas economy, and we’re excited to have Prosperiti Builders become part of that legacy,” Kansas Secretary of Commerce David Toland said. “We welcome the investment in capital and jobs Prosperiti is bringing to the Coffeyville community and know they will see terrific success in the region.”

Prosperiti Builders expects to recruit approximately 120 workers over the next 3 years with a one-shift operation, and the ability to grow as needed to meet demand. Prosperiti Builders is excited to partner with the State of Kansas, City of Coffeyville and Montgomery County to create quality jobs in Southeast Kansas.

“Our economic development team is thrilled about Prosperiti Builders joining our community. Their mission to create housing solutions for communities with high quality, cost-effective products is the type of economic development project everyone in our community can rally around”, said Trisha Purdon, Executive Director of the Montgomery County Action Council.

State and local incentive packages are being finalized and will be based on projected job creation and capital investment to be generated from this project.

  “This project represents thoughtful action to meet changing housing demands throughout the region,” said Jared Turnbull, community bank president for Arvest Bank in Pittsburg, Kansas. “In terms of economic development and potential job growth, this is a great opportunity for the City of Coffeyville, Montgomery County and all of southeast Kansas,” said Turnbull.

“We’re excited to get started with building renovations and job creation and most importantly, to launch production by the end of the year,” said Titus Williams.

Homes are produced off-site in the facility in modules, that are later assembled on the build site. The benefit to off-site construction is producing a high-quality product quicker and more efficiently than it can be done on a build site, and in a more sustainable manner.



Prosperiti Partners, based in Springfield, Missouri, is a full- service solutions provider, with specialization in land acquisition, property development, onsite general contracting duties, asset management, property management, in-house brokerage services, and real estate maintenance services. Owned and operated by Titus Williams, Prosperiti Partners has grown into a company that is dedicated to “helping communities we serve prosper.” In recent months, Prosperiti has acquired and/or partnered with an electrical contractor (Arcstar Electric), plumbing/HVAC and excavation contractor (Reed’s Plumbing), Infiniti Concrete, and design firm (BoTi Architecture).