Speed to Market Is Key in Landing High-Impact Projects as Economic Recovery Ramps Up

7 Jul 2021


With pent-up demand for growth coming to fruition amid the nation’s economic recovery, speed to market has become more critical than ever for companies in expansion mode. For decision-makers at businesses considering a new location, states capable of streamlining the selection process stand to gain a significant leg up on the competition.

Kentucky is matching companies’ sense of urgency and expediting project timelines in a way many others states cannot, an advantage that could help effect profound change through increased investment and job creation. Speed to market not only provides a benefit to growing companies, it’s also a catalyst for creating well-paying jobs, a core tenet of Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s mission.

“At a time when people around the world are seeking healing and new opportunities, it’s crucial that we connect our people with sustainable, high-quality careers,” Gov. Beshear said. “In Kentucky, we have the capability to bring companies to market quickly, which serves the dual purpose of saving them time while creating much-needed jobs for our people. We’ve been laying important groundwork in Kentucky throughout the past year, and now we’re poised to become leaders in the post-pandemic economy.”

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