What exactly is Senate Bill 405?

23 Mar 2018


Senate Bill 405 (SB405) was signed by the Governor Colllier on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.  SB405 defined the animal unit of a broiler for the Kansas Department of Health & Environment in regards to their oversight of confined animal feeding operations.  Modern poultry production facilities have dry manure systems and do not use continuous overflow watering systems. Therefore, it quickly became obvious that a modern, science based animal unit conversion factor for dry manure systems needed to be added to Kansas law. 

SB405 defines the broiler as 0.003 animal units and puts in place setback laws that address how close a production facility can be to habitable structures.  K.S.A. 65-171d establishes separation distances between new or expanding livestock feeding facilities and habitable structures based on animal unit capacity at the facility. The current separation distances for non-swine facilities are:

  • 1320 feet for facilities between 300 – 999 animal units;
  • and, 4000 feet for facilities at or over 1000 animal units.

SB 405 proposes a federal permit will be required for a facility that uses a dry manure system and confines 125,000 or more broilers, or 82,000 or more laying hens.  This requirement will also allow KDHE to require a Nutrient Management Plan to ensure the chicken waste is handled and applied as a fertilizer to agricultural land in a manner that will not impact the environment. 

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