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Caney, Kansas is set in a valley surrounded by the Chautauqua hills on the west, Oklahoma lakes (Copan and Hulah Lake) on the south and prairie grasses on the north and east. Caney has a population of approximately 2,000 and located within our city are 16 churches of all faiths. We are rich in historical culture and have a strong historical society organization. Caney earned its name from the numerous wild cane brakes that lined the banks of the Caney River.

Osage Indians frequently camped along the Little Cane River before being moved from their home in Montgomery County to the present Osage County, OK. Chief Black Dog of the Osage tribe blazed a trail "30 horses wide" along the Kansas-Indian Territory border and set a camp of the Osage tribe in the Caney vicinity. A sign in Wark Memorial Park today commemorates that trail.

Caney began as a settlement in 1869. While many towns in the area were started by railroads or the mining and petroleum industries, Caney began as a trading post for people along the border. It found its first connection with the outside world in 1885 when the Denver, Memphis and Atlantic Railroad chugged into the community.

Today, Caney is home to industrial companies like Spears Manufacturing, Engineered Systems & Equipment, Inc. and Kopco, Inc.  Most likely though, you have heard of Caney due to their incredible Safari Zoological Park, an experiencial tour of a zoo like you have never seen before!



Caney is set in a valley surrounded by the Chautauqua Hills on the west and Oklahoma lakes (Copan and Hulah Lake) on the south. Caney is rich in historical culture and has a strong historical society. Caney is home to large manufacturing companies such as Spears Manufacturing and Engineered Systems and Equipment Inc. who are two of the region's best employers. Community pride is clear in Caney, especially each year during Mayfest when people from around the world gather to celebrate spring. Caney has a large industrial park ready for additional development, and the city is willing to partner with new businesses to relocate to their community. Probably one of the most appealing reasons for a business to locate in Caney is the immedate highway access to Highway 75, which is a direct 4-lane highway to Tulsa, OK, and Tulsa International Airport. ...Learn More »


Cherryvale is a vibrant community, rich in history, known for its quiet neighborhoods and is bustling in community pride.  Cherryvale has targeted industries in injection molding and fiberglass manufacturing.  Once a booming railroad tourism destination, the communitiy prides itself on its continued support of railway development and transportation through the continued growth of Watco Railroad, one of the largest shortline rail companies in the United States.  From the Cherryvale Industrial Park via rail, a company can import and export products from around the world at a dramatically reduced price than you might find in other communities due to this excellent partnership. The Cherryvale Industrial Park is ripe for development for any large manufacturer.  The city has established incentive plans for new businesses and is willing and able to help your business grow in Cherryvale....Learn More »


Coffeyville is a thriving manufacturing community best known for its friendly people, the Coffeyville Community College Red Ravens and the demise of the Dalton Gang in 1892. Coffeyville's present is as lively as its past with much industrial growth taking place over the past few years. The largest industrial development project ever in the State of Kansas took place at Coffeyville Resources with the addition of the nitrogen fertilizer facility. John Deere Coffeyville Works, Clean Harbors and Darwin Industries are in the Industrial Park located northeast of town. Acme Foundry, Coffeyville SEKTAM, Jensen International and Bartlett Milling are some of the other large industries located in town.  Additionally, Coffeyville has foundries, pattern shops, distributors and a variety of retail establishments. Land is also available in the Industrial Park to locate a new business and there are prime retail locations near the Walmart Super Center and in the vibrant downtown. The City of Coffeyville has an aggressive incentive program to help new industry open...Learn More »


Independence has a strong industrial base, with targeted industries of Aerospace and Sheet Metal Fabrication.  With companies like Cessna Aviation, Kansas Aviation, Aviation Controls, VT Hackney, Matcor, and several other nationally known companies, its no wonder that business is growing in Independence.  The unique charm of Independence makes it stand out among communities across America.  Home of the Little House on the Prairie (Laura Ingalls Wilder's childhood home), the Ralph Mitchell Park and Zoo,  and is home to one of Kansas' largest celebrations , Neewollah (Halloween spelled backwards).  You will find that the small town atmosphere of this Norman Rockwell esque community is truly a great place to call home for your family and business. Independence has two main industrial parks with available acreage for your business.  The Airport Industrial Park is located southwest of the City and is currently home to various businesses including Cessna Aircraft and Kansas Aviation.  The West Laurel Industrial...Learn More »

Montgomery County

Montgomery County is located in Southeast Kansas and is home to some of the largest manufacturers, not only in the State of Kansas, but in the country. Businesses such as Textron Aviation, CVR Energy/Coffeyville Resources and John Deere call these thriving communities home. The region has benefited from being within a two-hour drive of both Wichita (the "Air Capital of the World") and Tulsa, OK (home of American Airlines' maintenance base) as well as the Port of Catoosa. The population of Montgomery County is approximately 35,000 people with nine incorporated cities and 12 townships. The cities of Caney, Cherryvale, Coffeyville and Independence are the largest.   Montgomery County, KS, is the 17th largest county in Kansas by population. The largest places in Montgomery County, KS by population are Coffeyville, Independence, Caney and Cherryvale. The median household income in Montgomery County was $41,083 in 2015, which represents a 0.9% growth from the previous year. The racial makeup of the county is 85.77% White, 6.07% Black or African American, 3.19% Native American, 0.47% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 1.13% from other races, and 3.34% from two...Learn More »