About Us

Montgomery County Action Council (MCAC) is the result of meetings between business and community leaders in early 1983 to initiate a sustained county-wide collaboration to grow the economic climate in the county.

On May 24, 1983, Perl Schmid (Perl Chevrolet, Coffeyville) and Harrison Johnson (Union Gas System, Independence) invited the following business and municipal leaders to a meeting at George's Cafeteria in Coffeyville: Bob Pratt and Al Kline (KGGF, Coffeyville), Al Liebert (Liebert Brothers Electric, Coffeyville), Jack Anderson (Coffeyville mayor), Nate Persky (Zenco, Independence), Wayne Reed (Independence mayor), James Thornton (ACC, Independence), Paul Viets (Citizens National Bank, Independence) and Stan Basler (Montgomery County Commission chair).

The group agreed that the purpose of the organization would be to develop new industrial projects in Montgomery County.

Since its inception, MCAC has cooperated with a diverse groups of individuals and organizations on the federal, state and local levels for the betterment of Montgomery County's businesses and citizens. These partnerships between government, education, medical and the business community are an essential element in our county's and region's mutual success.