Open for Business in Montgomery County

Montgomery County, Kansas, and its municipal governments have demonstrated a willingness to commit public funds to support significant economic development opportunities.

In 1994, county voters approved, by an unheard of 86% plurality, a one-cent sales tax to support the move of Cessna Aircraft Company and American Insulated Wire to Montgomery County. Essentially, county taxpayers provided more than $26 million, in addition to the millions expended for infrastructure, to attract the industries that would generate significant numbers of jobs and economic activity.

In 2014, when announced its intention to close its distribution facility in Montgomery County, municipal, county and state entities offered the largest incentive package in state history in an effort to keep the distribution facility. Although unsuccessful, the package shows that in Montgomery County, we are serious about business.

Click here to see what incentives and assistance programs are available to help your business. We have also created a booklet you might find helpful as you research financing options. Click below to download this booket.