Montgomery County, KS is a Great Place to Live

Historic Montgomery County, Kansas, sits on the Kansas-Oklahoma line, an hour’s drive due north of metropolitan Tulsa.  Its geography is rolling grassland and native oak leading to the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas an hour to the east with the tallgrass prairie of the Flint Hills hard against its western border. It is the northwestern edge of the Cross Timbers Savanna Woodland ecological area that separates the timbered region of the eastern United States from the open western portion of the plains and southwest. 

Montgomery County’s geographic location in the center of the continental United States (If you go to Google Earth and type U.S.A in the search bar, the pin will drop in Fawn Creek Township in Montgomery County, Kansas) makes it well situated for enterprises looking for a central location. We are, quite literally, at the center of everything. 

The small-town atmosphere, less frantic pace, short drive time to a top 50 MSA, all make for a hard-to-resist environment for many. For decades, families transferred in with Fortune 500 employers and initially hated to come to a small place like Cherryvale, Caney, Coffeyville, or Independence. But, when the next transfer occurred, they hated even more to leave. Many, many have moved back to Montgomery County with its friendly culture and low cost of living as the place to which they chose to retire.  

For over a century Montgomery County has been a manufacturing and distribution hub of the region. The central location, the strong work ethic and the can-do ethos make it a great place to live and do business.

MCAC’s forty-year effort to diversify the employment base has worked.  We have some great companies: 

  • Acme’s large grey iron foundries,
  • Textron’s Cessna Division single engine aircraft plant,
  • CVR Energy’s Coffeyville Refinery and UAN Fertilizer Plant, 
  • John Deere Corporation’s Coffeyville Works major transmission manufacturing facility, 
  • Phoenix Logistics’ million square foot warehouse, 
  • Standard Motor Products’ electronic components manufacturing facility, 
  • Spears Manufacturing’s multiple manufacturing facilities, 
  • Bartlett Milling, 
  • a Union Pacific Railroad Division.  

The last few years we’ve seen over $500,000,000.00 in new capital investment in Montgomery County. That speaks to the type of place this is. 

If traffic jams, sirens, long waits and not knowing your neighbor is appealing, we aren’t for you.  

If living better, making a difference, playing golf on one of our three 18-hole courses without waiting days for a tee time or enjoying outdoor sports and recreation five minutes from the house are things you’d like to have, don’t you think it may be worth checking out?