Montgomery County, KS is a Great Place to Live

Located in the southeast corner of Kansas, Montgomery County offers a host of outdoor activities for all ages and abilities. With a total population of over 33,000 people, incredible recreational amenities, and a successful and expanding business sector, Montgomery County has everything local residents could ever want.

Montgomery County is known for its amazing recreational life! Lakes, campgrounds, state parks, hiking trails and horseback riding trails - the outdoor amenities that Montgomery County has to offer continues to be one of the best reasons to live here. The County has some of the most serene bodies of water in the state, including several creeks, rivers, and lakes. Montgomery County has numerous creeks that feed the two primary rivers that run through it, Elk River and the Verdigris River. Both are perfect for fishing! Elk City Lake, Havana Lake, and Big Hill Lake are known by residents and tourists alike as the place to gather in for campground and lake fun! Big Hill Lake is a popular spot for locals and tourists who are looking for a fun day outdoors. Public boat docks make it easy to put the boat in for some fishing or to pull the kids around on an innertube or skis.  Big Hill Lake is also home to a man-made beach and swimmers are welcome to come take a dip or bring a picnic and play in the sand. Montgomery County’s lakes provide the perfect place to swim, camp, hike, and fish!

The county’s local wildlife areas are a sight to be seen! Whether you are looking for lake life, campgrounds, horseback riding trails, or hiking trails, Montgomery County has it all. For example, the Elk City State Park, located just west of the city of Independence, is an 857-acre park has a lot to offer residents looking for outdoor activities and natural wildlife. This state park has several nature and hiking trails open for people to enjoy the beauty and terrain that Southern Kansas has to offer. The Elk City lake, which is right next to the Elk City state park, offers fishermen a place to throw the line out and spend the day reeling in a variety of fish. Catfish, Bass, and Crappies are well-known fish that call this Lake home.  There is also a campground located in this state park open for public use. The state parks in Montgomery County are a great escape for friends and family alike to enjoy.

On top of all the great recreational areas, Montgomery County’s also has a local business sector that is home to large manufacturers like John Deere, Textron Aviation and CVR Energy. The County is home to over 1,500 successful businesses, employing approximately 20,000 residents. All of these are major factors in why Montgomery County is a great place to live. But the recreational life the county offers is really what makes the county stand apart.

The County also offers easy access to nearby metropolitan areas and the rest of the country, making commuting and travel easy for residents of Montgomery County. With several major U.S. highways, residents and visitors have easy access to transportation options. Residents are only a few hours from Wichita and Tulsa, KS, giving residents of Montgomery County easy access to big city life just a short drive away. For local city life residents can visit Caney, Coffeyville, and Independence, all located in Montgomery County.

Montgomery County is the perfect place for anyone who is looking for a thriving and beautiful place to live. Our natural landmarks and beautiful lakes and parks make it perfect for anyone who loves hiking, swimming, fishing, or camping. Our affordable housing and rental rates make it easier for residents and those looking for a place to relocate to as well. In addition, our business sector is thriving, making employment in the county more accessible for newcomers. We encourage you to take a look around our county and see what a thriving, fun place this is for residents and tourists alike. For more information on Montgomery County and what it has to offer, visit our website. Discover Montgomery County and find out why it is the right place for you.