Montgomery County is a Rural Opportunity Zone Participant


Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ) are designed to spur economic development in and expand job growth in 77 key counties around the state.

The program provides employees with up to a 5-year personal income tax credit on their state income taxes as well as up to $15,000 in student loan debit forgiveness. The wait list for the student loan forgiveness program in Montgomery County is currently long but if an employer partners with Montgomery County for this incentive, eligible employees are instantly approved for the incentive.

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Montgomery County was identified as a ROZ county in 2014. ROZs have been authorized to offer financial incentives to new full-time residents. There are two types of incentives new residents can receive once they move to Montgomery County.  An Income Tax exemption for 5 years (must move from outside of Kansas to Montgomery County), and a $15,000 Grant for Student Loan Forgiveness.  

Income Tax Incentive

A state income tax exemption for up to five years to individuals who move to a ROZ county from outside the state. Individuals must not have lived in Kansas for the past five years, nor have Kansas source income of more than $10,000 per year over the past five years..

Student Loan Repayment Incentive

Student loan forgiveness of up to $3,000 per year ($15,000 maximum benefit) for individuals who graduate from an accredited post-secondary institution and move to a ROZ county. The student loan forgiveness portion of the program is a county-state partnership, and counties must opt in to participate. Employers are also able to sponsor student loan recipients (employees).

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The ROZ program is scheduled to end Jan. 1, 2022.

Contact: Rachell Rowand, Commerce, (785) 296-3345