Coffeyville Mutual Self-Help Housing Program

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27 Apr 2022


Coffeyville is happy to announce a new program: the USDA Mutual Self-Help Program! Read more about the program:

Save by building a home of your own! You can do it! The Mutual Self-Help Housing Program provides new home ownership opportunities for those who qualify. No experience required.

Participants work in a group setting with other households under the guidance of a qualified construction supervisor who will educate each participant through the building of their home. Thirty hours of labor are required each week on all the homes in the group. No one moves in until they are all complete. Very low mortgage rates (as low as 1%). 

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) founded the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program in 1971 with the intention of providing rural low-income people the opportunity to build their own homes. As a result of this program and the hard work of the families involved, over 50,000 have moved into self-help built homes nationwide!

To be eligible for the program, a household's gross annual income must not exceed 80% of the county median income. A prospective household must be qualified by the City of Coffeyville Housing Department for the Rural Development financing. Items that will be reviewed will include such things as employment, personal debt, credit information and the ability to pay the monthly home mortgage payment. The applicant must also be willing to contribute the required construction labor.

The participants will be expected to complete at least 65% of the new home construction tasks. Families will be required to work at least 30 hours per week through the course of construction. Certain jobs, such as electrical and plumbing work will be subcontracted to licensed contractors. The staff of the City of Coffeyville Housing Department will educate and guide participants through all phases of construction, such as framing, hanging drywall, painting and landscaping. We will also teach other basic skills such as budgeting, money management, and the home buying process.

Interested? The City of Coffeyville Housing Department is currently looking for families that would like to build their own new homes.

Find contact and program information, the pre-application, and income limits for the City of Coffeyville here:

Information & Pre-Application

Income Limits