Member Spotlight – Labette Health: Your Trusted Destination for Medical Care

Member Spotlight – Labette Health: Your Trusted Destination for Medical Care Main Photo

22 Jan 2024

Since 1961, Labette Health has been the center of medical care in the region. With the primary facility located at the southern edge of Parsons, this hospital supports six different counties, providing quality medical care to a wide range of patients. Labette Health is a trusted healthcare provider with a staff that is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare that is centered around patients. It was named one of the top 100 rural and community hospitals in 2023.

“Our community feels so supported by Labette Health and the services it provides,” says Melissa Johnson, executive director of the Montgomery County Action Council. “Whether you need emergency care or a routine screening, the doctors and staff are ready to help.”

In 2017, Labette Health opened its Independence Healthcare Center, which is essentially known as a Rural Emergency Hospital (REH). Both locations provide a wide variety of services and the highest-quality care possible.

Learn more about the difference Labette Health makes in the community and why you can trust its doctors with your medical care. 

Comprehensive Medical Services in Independence, KS

The Independence Healthcare Center offers emergency services for anyone who needs to seek medical help immediately. Patients receive express care whether they need inpatient or outpatient treatment. In addition to the Independence Healthcare Center, Labette Health also operates other clinics in Montgomery County, including Cherryvale and Coffeyville.

Labette Health also offers a variety of non-emergency resources and treatment options for patients. Visit its Independence location for OB/GYN support, pediatric care, internal medicine, urology, and cancer treatment. If you can’t travel, take advantage of the award-winning home care program and let in-home staff care for your needs.

Labette Health team members teach a variety of classes, including courses to prepare new moms for childbirth and to help people with diabetes manage their symptoms.  

A Focus on Growth

Labette Health is committed to providing better services and additional resources to patients. Just six years after opening, the Independence Healthcare Center received a $6 million grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to modify its emergency department. This grant will fund the development of:

  • Outpatient ultrasound services
  • 17 additional exam rooms
  • 2 additional procedure rooms
  • 4 additional cancer infusion stations.

Labette Health will always do its best to meet the needs of patients and serve Montgomery County and surrounding areas.

“Labette Health continues to expand as Montgomery County grows,” says Johnson. “As more people move to the region, they can feel confident that there are quality, local services to meet their healthcare needs.”

Fair and Transparent Pricing 

Labette Health is proud to follow the No Surprises Act which prevents patients from receiving unexpected charges on their hospital bills. They are transparent about their pricing and can guide patients through their payment options.

Labette Health offers financial assistance and payment plans so patients can focus on their recovery without stressing about the cost.    

Get to Know Labette Health at CEDBR Event

Labette Health isn’t just a great place for patients. It is also a valuable employer in the area that strives to create a positive work environment for staff.

To learn more about working for Labette Health, join COO Chris Sykes at the Montgomery County Community Outlook Event on January 29th. She is part of the employer panel discussing why Montgomery County is a great place to work. Other discussions will cover local industry growth, manufacturing updates, and the state and regional outlook for the year. Register now for this MCAC-hosted event.