Coffeyville Opportunity Zone

Coffeyville is a city of the first class, rich in history and strong in education.  This industrious community is home to world-wide brands such as John Deere, ACME Foundry, and CVR Refining.  These major manufacturing companies keep Coffeyville thriving and have set Montgomery County apart from most of the state as one of the largest manufacturing hubs in Kansas, being the 3rd largest exporter of goods originating in KS, exceeding even the largest city in Kansas, Wichita, KS.

The City of Coffeyville has invested in the infrastructure and public services of Coffeyville, with a new $63 Million new Electric Generation Plant, new streets and sidewalks in our historic neighborhoods, lighting in the downtown, and a new Police and Fire station; all within the last three years.  Coffeyville, KS has its own fiber internet network for businesses, allowing businesses to compete on a global scale at lightning speed. Transportation is also ideal, with multiple highways intersecting in Montgomery County (US-75, US 160, US-400, US 166, and US 169) connecting 4 major metropolitan communities.  US 169 connects Tulsa, OK and Kansas City and US 400 connects Wichita to Joplin and Springfield, MO. Although this by itself is impressive, when paired with the collaborative work between the Coffeyville school district and Coffeyville Area Community Foundation, who helped expand the Early Learning Center to meet the growing needs of the area employers (and their employees) for childcare, our community has really worked in innovative ways to grow our economy.

Our industry is growing in Coffeyville with an expansion of both ACME Foundry and Star Pipe Products, and new small manufacturing firms like Ranews, Loren Cook, MJD Products, Apache Industries opening their doors in the community in the last few years.  Coffeyville and Montgomery County is a manufacturing and employment hub for not only Southeast Kansas, but also the Great Plains region. 

Coffeyville is home to Coffeyville Community College and Coffeyville Community College Technical Campus. The CCC Technical Campus programs are driven by innovation and business initiatives providing technical programs cutom tailored to industries.

The City, County, and Montgomery County Action Council (MCAC), as the economic development organization for the area, work collaboratively together. This allows us to ensure that our county and community work as LEAN as your business would.  MCAC serves as a business concierge and will work from the very beginning stages of project development to the 100th anniversary of your business opening in Coffeyville to make sure that you always have a partner for growth in Montgomery County.

The Coffeyville Qualified Opportunity Zone has opportunities for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential projects, thus this versatile QOZ can suit any investor.   The QOZ covers the main commercial corridor of the community, a historic housing district, and even a large industrial area, giving the Coffeyville QOZ a unique opportunity for rapid growth and development.


The City will consider case-by-case business financial incentives to promote city residency during the hiring process and beyond for their new position employees. This incentive is intended to ensure that the City of Coffeyville retains the maximum number of residents, so that both businesses and the community benefits from new employees moving to the community. The City of Coffeyville is innovative and will work collaboratively to put together a package that makes sense for both the City and the business.  Programs like Industrial Revenue Bonds, Kansas EDX tax rebates, Neighborhood revitalization, Community Improvement Districts, are all programs that the City has utilized to help a business grow.

The City of Coffeyville owns its own Electric Utility.  As such, we are able to offer an economic development rate for projects that have large electric demands, with which many other municipalities are unable to compete.  CMLP will work with your team to evaluate which rate structure best fits your electrical utility needs. Another factor that makes Coffeyville more competitive is the historical lack of rate increases in the past 12 years from GRDA and the City of Coffeyville. The City has entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with GRDA for wholesale energy that runs through 2042, securing low cost energy for the future. CMLP and GRDA are able to maintain the same rate structure and dependability that our customers can rely on year after year. In addition, the City built a new state of the art electric generation facility in the Coffeyville Industrial Park, which provides additional reliability with a start up time of only 5 minutes, if there ever is an electrical outage.

Montgomery County

Montgomery County also offers incentives for new job creation.  The County has a program that offers incentives based on the number of full-time employees or FTE expected to be created in Montgomery County, with additional bonuses offered for locally hired or employees that move to Montgomery County.