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Rural Development Authority (RDA) & CDBG Microloans

Montgomery County Action Council is the central resource for small business loans for several organizations in Montgomery County. By filling out the loan form, you save time by using one form to apply for multiple loan programs! Feel free to fill out what you can, and come to meet with our staff to walk through the application in person.

$25,000 maximum, $5,000 minimum loan, interest rate dependent upon credit approval but tends to be set at points below the Wall Street Journal prime rate. They are 5-year terms, unless financing real estate acquisition or large renovation, which have a 10-year term. Can be used for small and emerging private retail and service businesses as well as commercial and manufacturing businesses. Flexible terms are available for this program.  

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More Small Business Loans


E-Community Loans for up to $75,000 for up to 10 year terms and low interest rates.  Is a GAP financing tool to help small businesses and Entreprenuers open or expand their business.  

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