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Kansas Legislative Report March 15, 2019

March 21, 2019

Category: Legislative Update

Kansas Legislative Report March 15, 2019

The Kansas Economic Development Alliance (KEDA) provides legislative monitoring by Lobbyist Sandy Braeden.  The attached document represents current legislation being monitored by KEDA for policies and laws that affect Economic Development in Kansas.

In this issue: 

Kansas Cabinet Member Confirmation Hearings: KDHE, Revenue, Transporation, & Commerce

Economic Development- HB 2006 - "Economic Development Transparency Bill"

Rural Revitalization - Leutenant Governor gives updates on Office of Rural Prosperity

Senate Tax Bill 22 -  Bill reduces food sales tax, Federal Tax Bill language, and Internet Sales Tax

School Finance Bill passes Senate - on to the house for final review

Medicaid Appropriation Removed

Repayment of KPERS signed by Governor Kelly

New Transportation Bills Passed

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