CONNEX KANSAS: A strong support system for the Kansas manufacturer-supply chain

CONNEX KANSAS: A strong support system for the Kansas manufacturer-supply chain Main Photo

28 Apr 2022


Manufacturing is crucial to the US economy. Helping to raise living standards more than any other sector, the manufacturing industry also generates more economic activity than other sectors. For every dollar of domestic manufacturing value-added, another $3.60 of economic activity is generated elsewhere across the economy. A vibrant manufacturing base leads to more research and development, innovation, productivity, exports, and middle-class jobs.

Even though an era of smart factory floors, robotics, and supply chains fully integrated through real-time data collection and analytics has been ushered in, manufactured goods will continue playing a critical role in the public’s experience. The sector’s ability to innovate and lift living standards through increased productivity will remain central to policymakers’ desire for economic growth.* 

CONNEX KANSAS: Find and be found

It all began during the Covid-19 pandemic. There was an urgency to support those who were manufacturing or could retool to manufacture Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). But there was no centralized database of manufacturers with PPE capabilities. CONNEX Kansas is a powerful supply chain database tool for the manufacturing industry. It was then that CONNEX Kansas, a powerful supply chain database tool for the manufacturing industry, was developed by the Kansas Manufacturing Solutions in partnership with the Kansas Department of Commerce and the Kansas Chamber.  

CONNEX Marketplace is the national solution for connecting the U.S. manufacturing supply chain, bringing every manufacturing sector together under one platform. It quickly gives access to hundreds of thousands of buyers and suppliers into the hands of manufacturers.  It has been in the works for close to 10 years and was built for only US manufacturers. 

A wide range of capabilities

Using search and filter functionality such as equipment, capabilities, services, certifications, SBA distinctions, location, and so much more, manufacturers can locate necessary materials and supplies, while buyers find qualified manufacturers.

CONNEX is tightly integrated with local and regional partner networks that support manufacturing. These include NAM, NIST MEP, State Manufacturing Associations, State MEPs, 100+ state and regional associations, and many others such as the Montgomery County Action Council (MCAC), Economic Development Offices and the Chambers of Commerce. 

The combination of an extensive partner network and robust search functionality makes CONNEX the deepest database search platform for manufacturers available. 

Manufacturers - How will CONNEX Kansas help to strengthen your supply chain?

You can find alternate suppliers, view your supply chain visually, highlight single supplier and financial risks within your supply chain, see companies on government blacklists, and more. You can also find suppliers by searching the thousands of state manufacturers and using filters to identify companies with products and services that match your specific needs. For national supply chain connectivity, enroll in Manufacturers Marketplace through CONNEX Kansas. This will provide you with access to information on over 140,000 listed manufacturers throughout the country.

As a manufacturer how can you find suppliers in Kansas?

Use CONNEX Kansas to search Kansas manufacturers and use filters to identify companies that best meet your needs. If for any reason you are unable to find just the right supplier in Kansas through CONNEX Kansas, you can easily expand your search nationally by enrolling and seamlessly integrating into Manufacturers Marketplace, the national supply chain connectivity database.

What does it cost to access and use CONNEX Kansas?

Because of the powerful support behind this initiative, your access to CONNEX Kansas is being provided at no cost to Kansas manufacturers.

At Montgomery County Action Council, we are strong supporters of the American manufacturer ethic. If you are a resident manufacturer in Montgomery County the CONNEX platform would be just the right resource for you. Find out all about this powerful initiative here.